Thrown into the Invisible Fire

Knowing the outcome and risks to every activity, but when time brings an opportunity that can't be missed, but you don't know the risks. How do you play your cards. Life is full of opportunities but all that matters are the one you take advantage of.

Hunting the Red Band

I have found myself reaching into a book called The Nazi Huntersby Neal Bascomb and now I have become quite intrigued. I stumbled upon this book just casually reading it and have come to page 70 where I feel very content with the rate that I am reading and the content it is producing. It follows a group of israelis that attempt to find high ranking Nazi officials that may have escaped and track them down to punish them. It begins with the team tracking Adolf Eichmann and with several setbacks the team finally is able to break his disguise and find him in South America.

The book covers a very interesting topic of tracking Nazi officials that dodged their punishments. Once world war 2 ended, everyone was able to return to normal production and society, but with germany being destroyed any nazi german soldiers found were usually beaten and killed or imprisoned. The point the book touches on is the fleeing of many leaders and how they try to cover themselves.

It's your boy.....Justin with my all about me paper

I'm going to start this paper of nice and easy with a little bit of personal information provided by yours truly.
First off, tomato based pasta sauce is disgusting and if you try to give it to my I'll probably disown you and alfredo sauce for life. I'm really into cars and would like to pursue a career of mechanics and would love to build my own cars. I love animals, I have a dog named Mia she is a pitbull and she is chunky and when she wags her tail it moves her whole body. She also can take drywall off of the wall by hitting it with her tail. Since I'm super into cars of course I'm going to tell you what I drive and ramble a little more for half the document. So my car is a 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe and she is my little baby girl. Zero to Sixty in roughly 5 to 5.2 seconds and don't tell my mom I tried that because I actually did. I plan to buy an engine this year to expand my knowledge and would love to eventually drop it in a car.
So books, I love fiction b…

How is 8th grade going so far?

So far 8th grade isok, most of my teachers are nice but their are some who I don't like. The homework load for this year is a lot more than I had last year.  I feel that this year the teachers are more relaxed and I feel that the teachers rely in us to take more responsibility.

Right now I only have a couple of complaints. My first is that math teacher gives us a lot of homework and it has a lot of stuff on it that we never learned in class. I do have a lot of really good teachers like in history I kind of enjoy going to that class because she makes it more entertaining. I still have some mixed feelings about science